Mark & Charlene's Video Gallery


You will be opened up to a whole new world where life is rich, wild, and abundant; you will experience the underwater surrounding, understand and respect nature, and interact with the most unpredictable forces of marine life.


Florida Cave Diving, Peacock Springs (Part 1)



Florida Cave Diving, Peacock Springs (Part 2)



Florida Cave Diving, Peacock Springs (Part 3)



Buoyancy for Tech diving decompression



Deco coming up from 100m



Tech buoyancy for decompression



Tech diving buoyancy for decompression



TDI Advanced Trimix Course 100m



141m Descent



174m Descent



Turtle Necropolis in Sipadan Cave with Theuns van Niekerk



Ghosts of Coron with Theuns van Niekerk






You will appreciate each precious diving experience at Mark & Charlene's, and on top of that, you willl come to meet people from all walks of life, who share the same passion.